Ingot Mold Design

The design of molds has a decisive influence on the quality of the castings. Their geometry, its material, as well as other factors, such as external cooling conditions are crucial for the solidification of the casting and the durability of the mold. .
Our core competence lies in the optimization of existing, as well as in the design of new molds for ingot casting. In this context, we use various techniques to create a durable and quality producing mold.

Data transfer

In optimization projects for existing molds we need information on mold geometry, and other cast-related components, such as feeding systems, floor boards, etc. In addition, for accurate analysis and optimization more process data, as some cooling conditions, casting conditions, etc. are important to note.
For new designs, we need above all the dimensions of the desired block, and other process data. You can give us your CAD data in the following formats:

  • STL
  • IGES
  • STEP
  • Optionally we can convert your existing data from any major CAD system or – if necessary – we repair corrupt CAD solid models, eg for the FEM meshing
  • Optionally we can create the entire CAD model based on your documents (technical drawings, sketches, description, Excel files, etc.)

The transfer of process data we discuss in your particular case to availability.

  • Optionally we take process data and other parameters directly at your site.

For data collection, we can help you with structured questionnaires.


We use various methods to determine optimal mold geometry and a suitable material, thus the quality of the casting and the longevity of the mold can be increased as much as possible. For this purpose, we use, among other statistical regression analysis, FEM-simulation techniques.
We are happy to investigate the usability of existing molds for casting other formats (top sections for increased block weights, under-edged casting for reduced block weights …) or other cast alloys. The significantly modified cooling conditions are taken into account in particular.
Both optimization, as well as new designs of molds take local and global solidification under special consideration as this is the key factor for the quality of the ingot (reduction of hot spots, cavities, improvement of surface and volume qualities). Also the insulation using hoods and powders will be optimized and adjusted.

Implementation at your site