Material Technology Lab

To guarantee the success of scientifically based research and optimization projects, we offer customized material-technical analyzes according to your requirements.
In cooperation with our certified partner laboratories, we carry a wide variety of material-technical investigations and tests as part of your project. We gladly offer individual tests or test series separately at attractive preferential prices.

We look forward to your inquiry!

Non-dustructive material testing

West North
Visual examination X X
Magnetic particle testing   X
Dye penetrant testing X X
Ultrasonic testing   X
Ultrasonic thickness measurement   X
Test supervision by stage 3 validators   X

Mechanical/destructive material testing

West North
RT tensile test on round specimen in accordance with ASTM and DIN X X
RT tensile test on flat specimen up to a thickness of 18mm X X
Hot tensile test (on flat and round specimens) at up to +1000°C X X
Notched bar impact bending test at -85°C in accordance with ASTM and DIN X X
Mobile and stationary hardness testing Rockwell, Vickers & Brinell X X
Tensile ageing test   X
Bending test (folding test) X X
Weld bead bend test   X
Preparation of test specimens of supplied material X X

Heat treatment simulation

West North
Heat treatment of test specimens in a chamber furnace under a controlled atmosphere X X
Heat treatment of test specimens in an induction furnace under a controlled atmosphere (simulation of rapid thermal cycling) X  
Tempering of test specimens (quenching and tempering) X X
FEM-simulation of heat treatment see casting simulation    
Calculation of material properties
(based on the chemical analysis)
Creating TTT diagrams by calculation
(based on the chemical analysis)
Creating TTT diagrams by laboratory tests
(Dilatometric examination of test specimens)

Trial heats

West North
Smelting of ferrous and non-ferrous base alloys (100g to 60kg) X  
Chill-casting or sand casting process (delivered self molds or standard formats possible) X  
Forming (pressing, cold or hot rollers) X  
FEM-simulation of casting processes see casting simulation    


West North
Scanning electron microscopy X  
Spark Emission Spectroscopy (analysis of the chemical composition) X X
Sample and specimen preparation from supplied material X X

Further tests on request.