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Our core competencies are the development and optimization of casting processes for ingot casting. Using various techniques, we improve the quality of the ingot and increase the life of the mold.
Gladly we test and optimize your mold geometries and materials, analyze their casting process by numerical simulation and perform further research. Required metallurgical testing we perform at our partner institutions.
In collaboration with our partners we offer laboratory services and training also detached from cooperation projects as individual services at preferred prices. In addition to materials engineering services, we offer an extensive expertise in the field of engineering, particularly in the re-design of large-scale plants in the iron and steel industry. The planning of research projects is always individually tailored to the customer.

A comprehensive project management:
From problem statement to the optimal result.

We offer a comprehensive range of services in the fields of engineering and materials engineering. We are happy to supervise research projects and co-ordinate this, if other parties are involved. Our R & D projects are generally scientifically and practically oriented, that is, along with precise scientific methods of analysis and testing, we are always looking for a viable solution that is adapted for immediate use at your site. We benefit from both long-term operational experience, as well as university research projects.

  • Design of major equipment for the heavy industries

    We support you in the design and construction of large plants, or perform this completely on your behalf.
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  • Optimal molds for ingot casting

    Ingot Mold Design
    The design of molds has a decisive influence on the quality of the castings. Their geometry, its material, and other factors are critical to the durability of the mold.
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  • Prediction of important casting properties

    Casting Simulation
    Complex models allow the accurate prediction of important casting properties to predict casting defects.
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    In collaboration with partners we offer laboratory services and training also detached from cooperation projects as individual services at preferred prices.
  • Laboratory services

    Material Technology Lab
    To map a scientific basis the success of research and optimization projects, we offer customized material-technical analyzes according to your requirements.
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  • Training

    In cooperation with partners, we offer an extensive training program at the highest level at attractive preferential prices.
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